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Court Reporting


Court Reporting Services in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio and Across Texas

Fredericks Reporting has an extensive network of licensed and certified court reporters across the state of Texas, throughout the United States and beyond. We will provide your transcript in any requested format and deliver it within any time constraints you may have. We have vast experience in reporting testimony in all types of cases and complex litigation matters. We work across the state, including:

We have produced transcripts for an array of industries including commercial, complex financial, environmental, construction, intellectual property, pharmaceutical, labor and employment litigation.

In addition, Fredericks offers the latest realtime technology, now utilizing iPads and other tablets for your convenience. Whether you bring your own iPad and download the free app from the iTunes Store, or request us to provide one for you, you will appreciate the functionality that this tool provides you. We offer realtime services throughout the State of Texas with highly skilled reporters trained in these latest court reporting innovations.

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Nationwide Scheduling


Schedule a Court Reporter, Legal Videographer or Subpoena Service Nationwide

Fredericks has developed a longstanding professional relationship with a network of affiliated reporting companies across the United States and beyond. These firms adhere to the exact standards that we demand of ourselves and that our clients have come to expect. With this service, we are able to provide you with a centralized scheduling, production, billing and archiving tool to simplify and ensure your case management process.

Our Affiliations

We are a member of the National Network of Reporting Companies, the Society for the Technological Advancement of Reporting and the National Court Reporters Association. As a member of these organizations, we work closely with other court reporting firms across the globe to be able to provide you with a continuity of services anywhere and anytime you may need them.

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Boutique Litigation


Boutique Litigation Support

Fredericks Reporting offers a full range of court reporting, realtime reporting, legal videography and other litigation support services. With Andy Fredericks in charge of the firm’s technological innovations, Fredericks is committed to remaining at the forefront in providing the most sophisticated litigation support solutions to attorneys and their legal assistants. We are dedicated to understanding your exact needs and preferences and creating a scaled solution to deliver upon them.

State-of-the-Art Technology

By regularly adopting and implementing new and reliable forms of technology, Fredericks remains on the forefront of the legal services industry, allowing you and your firm to more efficiently and comprehensively litigate your cases to a successful conclusion, all at extremely competitive rates.

Effortless Scheduling

Fredericks also believes in the ease and flexibility of scheduling and in providing a consistency of service that you and your firm need to remain agile and relaxed amidst the sometimes hectic world of organizing and pursuing a case calendar. Whether you chose to fill out our online scheduling form, e-mail us directly or call and speak to a friendly and knowledgable member of our staff, Fredericks Reporting will make it work for you!

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